Do you need to find a great family dentist?

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What makes a good family dentist? Many people will have the misfortune at some time to experience less-than-perfect service from their local dentist. Perhaps you have had to endure a disinterested receptionist or a dentist who seemed unsympathetic or who rushed the examination? If you have had experiences like these, don't let them put you off visiting the dentist or bringing your children to the dental surgery regularly. It is possible to find good family dentists in your local area; you just have to know what to look for during a search.

23 May 2019

The Hazards Posed By A Cracked Tooth

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Although a majority of people know the importance of dental care, there is a large number of people that will avoid going to see a dentist unless they think it is absolutely necessary. Thus, a few dental issues can go ignored or underrated under the false impression that they are not as serious as, for example, an exacerbated cavity. One dental problem that may seem minor on the surface but is highly threatening to the health of your teeth is a crack.

29 January 2019

The Dos and Don'ts of Teeth Whitening While Pregnant

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A lot of body changes happen while you are pregnant. While you can't change what is happening internally as your baby grows, you can make sure that your dental health needs remain up-to-date. As a first-time pregnant woman who strives to look her best, you want reassurance that it is safe to continue having your teeth whitened during your gestation period. Here is a list of dos and don'ts when it comes to teeth whitening during pregnancy.

28 December 2018

Three Questions To Ask Before You Book In For Teeth Whitening

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It's the silly season — that time of year where there is lots of socialising to be done and plenty of photos to appear in. As someone who has been considering getting their teeth whitened for a few months now, the silly season is incentivizing you to get it done now. But what if you've never had teeth whitening done before? This cosmetic dental procedure is relatively straight-forward. But, before you go ahead and book it in, ask these three questions of the dentist you are planning to use for the process.

29 November 2018

Why Do You Need Attachments in Your Invisalign Braces?

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If you choose to have Invisalign braces, then your decision may have been mainly based on the fact that these braces are hardly visible. You may have seen people you know wear Invisalign and were impressed by how unnoticeable the plastic aligners are. Things may have taken an unexpected turn, however, when you started to discuss treatment with your dentist. For example, your dentist may have told you that you need to use attachments on your aligners rather than just the trays themselves.

25 September 2018

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Are Becoming More Common

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Barely two decades ago, the thought of obtaining a cosmetic dentistry procedure was akin to plastic surgery. It was associated with lengthy recovery times, a generally negative social stigma and expenses that would shoot through the roof. However, the perception and usefulness of cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years. Nowadays, procedures such as overbite correction surgery, teeth whitening and dental implants are not only critical to restoring your smile, but they also come along with a host of other medical benefits.

23 August 2018

Too Many Teeth! Solutions For Your Child's Crowded Teeth

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As your child transitions between their baby teeth and their adult ones, it's tough to determine whether crowded teeth will cause future dental problems. As a mum dealing with this concern for the first time, you're not sure at this stage whether your child's teeth are cause for concern. How are you supposed to decide whether to take your child to the orthodontist or if you should just wait and let nature take its course?

26 July 2018

3 Ways To Alleviate Sensitivity After You Get Your Teeth Whitened

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Getting your teeth whitened is a great way to bring back your confidence. But in a few instances, sensitivity can occur for a short while after the procedure. While sensitivity can indicate a successful procedure, it can sometimes cause a little discomfort. Here are some ways to alleviate sensitivity and reduce discomfort after you get your teeth whitened. Increase Sensitivity Resistance With De-Sensitising Toothpastes Before And After The Treatment

3 July 2018

Up to Your Ears in Toothache: How Dying Tooth Nerves Cause Ear Pain

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Inside every tooth is a spongy mass of nerves and blood vessels. Dentists refer to this tissue mass as the dental 'pulp'. As long as the outer layers of dentin and enamel protect the pulp, you rarely ever notice its presence. Occasionally, you may experience reversible pulpitis, which is a short, sharp pain brought on by hot and cold temperatures. However, when a tooth suffers damage, for instance, due to tooth decay, you might eventually suffer from irreversible pulpitis.

11 June 2018

3 Steps To Protect Chipped Teeth From Further Damage

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Teeth are generally strong, but some kind of trauma or injury can cause them to break, especially if you bite something hard, fall or have cavities that remain untreated for extended periods. Chipped teeth may not always hurt, but they could become a lot worse and cause nerve damage if you ignore the problem. This may trigger extreme discomfort and pain which will not go away without dental treatment. Follow these steps to prevent chipped teeth from further damage and save yourself a tremendous amount of pain.

25 April 2018