Too Many Teeth! Solutions For Your Child's Crowded Teeth

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As your child transitions between their baby teeth and their adult ones, it's tough to determine whether crowded teeth will cause future dental problems. As a mum dealing with this concern for the first time, you're not sure at this stage whether your child's teeth are cause for concern. How are you supposed to decide whether to take your child to the orthodontist or if you should just wait and let nature take its course? This is what you need to know about crowded teeth and the options for treatment.

What causes crowded teeth?

Several issues can cause crowded teeth, and some of them date back to your child's younger years. For example, sucking a thumb or using a dummy can cause front teeth to move forward or bite issues to occur. When teeth move out of alignment from where they are supposed to be, then crowded teeth issues occur.

One fear many parents have is that teeth need to be removed if a crowded teeth situation develops.

Do crowded teeth automatically lead to extraction?

No, the good news is that crowded teeth problems may be solved without the need for tooth extraction. It really depends on which tooth is causing the crowding issue. An orthodontist needs to take an x-ray of your child's mouth, so they can determine whether the eruption of future teeth will exacerbate the existing problem. For example, if three teeth are already sitting too close together, and a fourth is sitting close by just below the surface, then the removal of one of two teeth will remove the pressure that crowded teeth create.

Not fixing crowded teeth can cause a number of other issues.

What happens if crowded teeth are not addressed?

Dental issues that occur when crowded teeth are left alone include decay. This happens because your child cannot properly clean their teeth and debris gets trapped. Your child may also lose tooth enamel as the teeth rub up against each other.

So, it is important that you make an appointment with an orthodontist to discuss options.

How are crowded teeth issues solved?

The most common way for an orthodontist to fix crowded teeth is to fit braces. From traditional wire braces to Invisalign mouth trays, there is a brace option which suits your child's needs, and which can be tailored to meet your budget. The first step in getting rid of crowded teeth is to book an orthodontic consultation, so the child's mouth can be examined, and recommendations can be made.

For more information, contact your local children's orthodontist.


26 July 2018

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