Why Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Are Becoming More Common

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Barely two decades ago, the thought of obtaining a cosmetic dentistry procedure was akin to plastic surgery. It was associated with lengthy recovery times, a generally negative social stigma and expenses that would shoot through the roof.

However, the perception and usefulness of cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years. Nowadays, procedures such as overbite correction surgery, teeth whitening and dental implants are not only critical to restoring your smile, but they also come along with a host of other medical benefits.

Here are several reasons why cosmetic dentistry procedures are becoming increasingly common.

For professional reasons

Employment opportunities in media, arts and entertainment have increased significantly over the years. It is now not only socially beneficial to have a flawless smile but also economically beneficial. Indeed, your smile can be the difference between landing your dream acting job and missing out on such an opportunity. As a result, more people are investing in cosmetic dentistry procedures in order to land the opportunity that they have always wanted.

Social reasons

With society placing a large emphasis on overall appearance, many people are seeking cosmetic dentistry procedures to boost their self-esteem and confidence while out in public. With procedures such as in-office whitening, dental veneers to correct unsightly teeth and aligners such as Invisalign to correct misaligned teeth, many people can now smile and feel more confident in front of people. These procedures have improved relationships and social interactions among people who were previously self-conscious regarding their dental health.

Effectiveness of cosmetic procedures

Another reason why cosmetic dental procedures are increasing in popularity is their overall effectiveness. Through the use of dental imaging techniques and customised treatment plans, dentists are able to prepare effective treatment processes that produce accurate results.

For example, Invisalign clear aligners are very effective at correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. They are able to correct a wide range of disorders, from an underbite to crooked teeth. Cosmetic procedures such as dental crowns can strengthen a weak tooth or cover it up completely. This often corrects eating complications, speech disorders and physical-appearance issues that a patient previously faced. The effectiveness of these procedures has led to their increased popularity.

Reduced recovery times

Perhaps the single-most popular reason why cosmetic dentistry has grown is due to the reduced recovery times of various procedures. Indeed, you can have your teeth whitened or realigned with almost no down time. Only more involved procedures such as jaw correction surgery may still take a few months to fully recover.

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23 August 2018

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