Why Fruit Drinks May be Damaging Your Teeth

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Do you love your morning or after meal fruit drink? You may be causing more harm to your teeth than you thought. Despite these drinks having various nutritive values, including vitamins and antioxidants, the damage that you are exposing your teeth to by drinking these fruit drinks can be overwhelming. Therefore, here are three factors that might just change your opinion concerning your fruit drinks. Damage to the Enamel Some of your fruit drinks, such as orange juices, may contain acids such as citric acid.

23 December 2015

Tooth Whitening And Sensitivity

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Many people opt to have their teeth whitened professionally by their dentist, and this is the safest and most effective choice if you want a dazzling Hollywood smile.  However, some patients do experience increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold following whitening treatments.  So, what causes post-whitening sensitivity, and how can you overcome it?  Read on to find out more. What causes post-whitening sensitivity? Most professional whitening treatments contain a peroxide-based bleaching agent that works by stripping away staining deep inside the tooth enamel, as well as tackling any discolouration on the tooth surface.

7 December 2015

Got Missing Teeth? Here Are 4 Reasons You Should Get Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures are a relatively new technology aimed at replacing missing teeth. Although there are several types of partial dentures available in the market today, they all seek to serve the same purpose. In addition to that, you can always get partial dentures regardless of what led to your teeth loss. Below, find out why you should get partials for your missing teeth. Regain full function of your lost teeth

19 November 2015

How You Should Chew After a Dentist Fills Your Teeth

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Getting a filling is meant to ensure you have healthy teeth. The filling reduces the discomfort brought about by wear and tear in your teeth. However, in the immediate aftermath you can experience some discomfort. This can last for some time after the procedure. While the dentist may provide some medication that can help numb some of the pain, there is still some level of discomfort. This means that eating or even drinking can be uncomfortable during the recovery period.

29 October 2015

Stock Your Home With These Five Essentials for Healthy Baby and Toddler Teeth and Gums

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Dental care starts as soon as your baby is born, long before his or her first tooth erupts, and you will likely brush your child's teeth well into his or her toddler years. To make these early years as successful as possible from a dental perspective, you need a few supplies. Consider stocking your home with these five items: 1. Gauze After nursing or bottle feeding, the milk may form a film on your child's gums, and that film can lead to rot and decay.

5 October 2015

3 Ways Acid Reflux Disease Can Impact Your Dental Health

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Acid reflux disease is a painful, chronic condition that can damage your teeth and the soft tissue of your mouth. The condition causes corrosive stomach acid to travel backwards up your oesophagus, and when it reaches your mouth, it can quickly cause your oral health to deteriorate. Here's an overview of three ways acid reflux disease can impact your dental health: Enamel Loss The protective enamel coating on your teeth is no match for your highly corrosive stomach acid.

2 September 2015

When to Visit an Emergency Dental Clinic

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Not every problem with your teeth may constitute a true dental emergency, as some concerns of yours can wait until your next dental checkup or for as long as it takes to make an appointment with your dentist. However, sometimes a visit to an emergency dental clinic or a walk-in type of clinic can be in order. Before you assume that you should wait to have your teeth looked at, note when it's good to visit a dental clinic right away:

7 August 2015

How Long Do Dental Implants Actually Take?

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It's easy to think of dental implants as being similar to other kinds of surgical implants. Once a breast implant has been inserted, all you need to do is wait for the tissue surrounding the affected area to heal, and the end result has been achieved. Dental implants are somewhat different in that many dentists prefer to do the work in stages, allowing healing and settling time in between. This ensures that the dental implant lasts for as long as possible, which could be a lifetime.

9 July 2015

Filling Options for Dental Cavities

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Cavities develop in your teeth when the enamel is damaged by the accumulation of plaque. When those cavities are not immediately treated, they can progress to the level of affecting the nerves and other delicate tissues in your teeth. This article discusses some filling options that may be used to treat the cavities in your teeth. Amalgam Fillings These are fillings made by combining mercury and other base metals like copper, tin and silver.

12 June 2015

Diagnosed with Malocclusion? Find Out the Details Behind the Diagnosis

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Have you just been diagnosed with malocclusion and have no idea what that means? Malocclusion simply refers to the incorrect way your teeth are aligned respective to each other. It may sound like a horrific diagnosis by name alone, but malocclusion is just a fancy way of saying underbite, overbite or a misalignment. Malocclusion is categorised in Neutrocclusion (crooked teeth), Distoclusion (overbite), Mesioclusion (underbite). Read on to learn more about how these issues are treated.

12 May 2015