Got Missing Teeth? Here Are 4 Reasons You Should Get Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures are a relatively new technology aimed at replacing missing teeth. Although there are several types of partial dentures available in the market today, they all seek to serve the same purpose. In addition to that, you can always get partial dentures regardless of what led to your teeth loss. Below, find out why you should get partials for your missing teeth.

Regain full function of your lost teeth

Partial dentures are just as effective as full dentures. They provide prosthetic teeth that will cover up the missing teeth. Not only do they serve an aesthetic role to ensure that you get your full smile back, but also partials also have great functional benefits. They will ensure you chew without straining your remaining teeth. They also help to correct bit problems and provide the much-needed support to your jaws and facial muscles.

Allows you to maintain full use of existing teeth

Another benefit of partial dentures is that they can be adjusted or changed to accommodate future teeth loss. This is mostly applicable to elder patients who may experience further teeth loss with time. Instead of jumping straight to full dentures, partial dentures provide a middle ground, allowing you to make use of all your existing teeth. Even where the teeth loss is rampant, your dentist can fit you with multiple partial dentures to cover all the affected areas instead of going for full dentures. You can get partial dentures for as few as one tooth.

Less intrusive than bridges

A common, traditional way to handle multiple missing teeth is through the installation of dental bridge. This is where the teeth adjacent to the gap get smoothed and a 'dental bridge' is installed over the gap. Partial dentures are much friendlier. They do not necessitate altering any of the remaining teeth. Instead, the partial denture falls over the gap alone, while allowing the remaining teeth to remain as they are. The process is less intrusive and only requires taking of teeth molds during construction.

Cheaper than implants

One other alternative to partial dentures is implants. This is where prosthetic teeth are implanted permanently into the jaw bone. However, when you have multiple teeth lost, implants are not ideal. This is because you may lose additional teeth in future, and you simply can't get an implant for every lost tooth. Nor are they economical. Partial dentures are a more economical alternative; they cost a fraction of what it takes to get an implant and less than full dentures.

Once you decide to get partial dentures, your dentist will discuss with you the different options available. These include metallic and acrylic, among other types of partial dentures.


19 November 2015

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