Too Many Teeth! Solutions For Your Child's Crowded Teeth

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As your child transitions between their baby teeth and their adult ones, it's tough to determine whether crowded teeth will cause future dental problems. As a mum dealing with this concern for the first time, you're not sure at this stage whether your child's teeth are cause for concern. How are you supposed to decide whether to take your child to the orthodontist or if you should just wait and let nature take its course?

26 July 2018

3 Ways To Alleviate Sensitivity After You Get Your Teeth Whitened

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Getting your teeth whitened is a great way to bring back your confidence. But in a few instances, sensitivity can occur for a short while after the procedure. While sensitivity can indicate a successful procedure, it can sometimes cause a little discomfort. Here are some ways to alleviate sensitivity and reduce discomfort after you get your teeth whitened. Increase Sensitivity Resistance With De-Sensitising Toothpastes Before And After The Treatment

3 July 2018

Up to Your Ears in Toothache: How Dying Tooth Nerves Cause Ear Pain

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Inside every tooth is a spongy mass of nerves and blood vessels. Dentists refer to this tissue mass as the dental 'pulp'. As long as the outer layers of dentin and enamel protect the pulp, you rarely ever notice its presence. Occasionally, you may experience reversible pulpitis, which is a short, sharp pain brought on by hot and cold temperatures. However, when a tooth suffers damage, for instance, due to tooth decay, you might eventually suffer from irreversible pulpitis.

11 June 2018

3 Steps To Protect Chipped Teeth From Further Damage

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Teeth are generally strong, but some kind of trauma or injury can cause them to break, especially if you bite something hard, fall or have cavities that remain untreated for extended periods. Chipped teeth may not always hurt, but they could become a lot worse and cause nerve damage if you ignore the problem. This may trigger extreme discomfort and pain which will not go away without dental treatment. Follow these steps to prevent chipped teeth from further damage and save yourself a tremendous amount of pain.

25 April 2018

Dental Emergency? Get Prepared Before You Rush to the Dentist

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With good dental hygiene and regular dentist check-ups, your chances of a dental emergency are minimised. Still, you can't predict or prevent accidents, and there may be occasions when you need to rush to an emergency dentist despite taking all the precautions you can. Most often, an emergency involves a tooth being knocked out, but it can also be other injuries or problems that cause significant pain and put your health at risk.

11 April 2018

What to Do to Reduce the Risk of Being Plagued by Oral Health Issues

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When it comes to dealing with matters that may affect your dental health, it is important to always act proactively. The best way to do so is to keep up with scheduled dental check-ups. The dental exams and professional teeth cleanings carried out by dentists during these check-ups often go a long way in preventing dreadful mouth problems like tooth decay and tooth loss, which may occur down the road. 

8 March 2018

Preparing for a tooth extraction

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There are many reasons to visit a dental clinic, but none provoke as much anxiety as having a tooth removed. An understanding of the procedure will go a long way towards easing your mind, so read on to learn exactly what to expect. Why does my tooth have to go? There are many reasons to have a tooth taken out, among them: Your tooth is impacted, meaning that it has grown crooked or become blocked by other teeth and can't find its way out of your gum.

21 February 2018

Understanding how tooth extractions are done

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One of the most important functions that a dentist carries out is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction involves removing a damaged or infected tooth from the mouth for different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for a tooth extraction include a decaying tooth, infection in the bone or gums that surround the tooth, preparing for braces, or removing extra teeth in the mouth to avoid overcrowding. It's important to understand how tooth extractions are done so you can know what to expect beforehand.

24 January 2018

Lost a Filling? No Worries, You Can Use These Tips to Feel Better Whilst En Route to Your Dentist!

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If you lose a filling, it's important to get to your after hours dentist as quickly as possible. However, you may not always be able to reach your dentist's office straight away. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do to alleviate pain and discomfort whilst en route to your after hours dentist. Read on to find out what to do.  Get Fast Pain Relief When you lose a filling, you may experience some significant discomfort or even serious pain.

3 January 2018

Can You Get Braces on Your Lower or Upper Teeth Only?

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Crowded, spaced, or misaligned teeth can make someone feel self-conscious and lose their confidence. Luckily, braces allow one to get straight and perfectly spaced teeth and restore their self-esteem as a result. If you have teeth on the lower or upper jaw that require you to wear braces, you may be wondering whether it is possible to get these restorations on only one jaw. Can an orthodontist make braces for the teeth in one jaw?

12 December 2017