Everything You Need to Know About Dental Braces in Adulthood

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A lot of people get braces when they are teenagers to correct the alignment of their teeth and create a straighter smile. Braces are so much a rite of passage of adolescence that some people don't even realise that you can get them as an adult. If you have never been happy with your smile, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting braces in adulthood.

Lots of Adults Have Braces

Far from being unusual, getting braces in adulthood is becoming increasingly common. Almost a third of all people who are receiving orthodontic treatment in Australia are aged 21 or over. You do not need to worry that your dentist or anyone else will think that you are strange for wanting to correct your smile as an adult — plenty of other grown-ups are doing it too!

Older Adults Often Benefit Most

Even if you have no problem imagining an adult with braces, chances are that you imagine someone in their 20s or 30s. In fact, older people, particularly those who have lost teeth as a result of decay or gum disease, often benefit the most from braces. Orthodontic treatment can help to create or maintain regular tooth alignment after some teeth have been removed.

Adult Braces Can Be Almost Invisible

If you haven't noticed many adults with braces up to now, that might be because braces are a lot less noticeable than they used to be when you were a teenager. Invisalign braces, which are clear plastic aligners that you wear over the teeth at all times except when eating or drinking, are a popular method of straightening teeth these days. Unless you take them out in front of someone, it is unlikely that anyone will notice that you are using Invisalign at all.

Adult Braces Do Not Have to Cost the Earth

Perhaps you never got braces as a teenager because your family was worried about the cost. In that case, you might assume that getting braces in adulthood must be out of your price range. In fact, the costs associated with adult braces vary hugely. If the treatment you need is relatively straightforward and you shop around, you could find dental braces at a price that you can afford. Why not get in touch with a local dentist to find out how much dental braces cost and whether they might be the right option for you?


8 July 2021

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