Different Situations When Emergency Dental Services Might Be Needed

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Traditional family dental offices stay busy all the time because people always need dental cleanings and dental care. However, other types of dental offices can be surprisingly busy, too:  emergency dental offices. In fact, there are many different situations in which people rely on these dental offices, such as in the situations below.

When Dealing With a Sports Injury

Even though many people wear mouth guards and other forms of protection when playing sports, it is still surprisingly common for athletes to get hurt while playing sports and to find that their teeth have been affected. If you or your child has a dental injury that is related to playing sports, then seeking help is important. If not, then it's important to make sure to always wear proper mouth protection when playing sports.

After a Car Accident

Many people think about going to the emergency room after being involved in a car accident but some end up needing to see a dentist after being involved in a vehicle accident, too. Someone who hits their chin on the steering wheel, for example, could be at risk of losing one or more teeth. If you have been involved in a car accident and think your teeth might have been affected, then you should seek emergency dental care if at all possible. Just make sure that you get any other medical care that you need as well, such as by visiting the emergency room or an urgent care facility.

After a Fight

Physical fights can leave serious injuries for the people who are involved. Someone who has been punched or kicked in the mouth area might suffer from a missing tooth or some other serious dental issue. If you have been involved in a physical fight and have a tooth that has been knocked out, or if you feel pain or looseness in your teeth, then you should consider visiting an emergency dentist right away. They might be able to help you save your teeth, and they can help you deal with any associated pain, too.

When Dealing With Major Dental Pain

In some cases, people find themselves dealing with serious dental pain that isn't related to an accident or injury. Someone who has a tooth that needs to be pulled, for example, might need to visit an emergency dentist if they are in serious pain and want to get the pain under control as soon as possible.


24 May 2021

Dental Care and Seniors: Helping to Maintain Your Smile

As you age, it can become harder to take care of your teeth. Motor challenges can make it hard to floss, while memory issues may make it easy to overlook brushing. Whether you are a senior looking for solutions to some of the common dental problems or a senior with specific questions about cavities or oral surgery, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to touch on a range of topics related to seniors and oral health. This is the type of resource I wish my mum would have had access to in her senior years, and I hope you enjoy having access to it during yours. I appreciate you reading my posts.