5 Advantages of Dental Implants

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When considering teeth replacement options, you might be struggling to decide between dentures and dental implants. Here are a few reasons why dental implants could be the best choice for you. 1. Protect Your Teeth One of the most important reasons to get dental implants is to protect any natural teeth that you still have. It is very common for teeth to migrate after the teeth surrounding them are removed. Dentures, which you take out at night, do not provide the support needed to keep teeth in place, but dental implants perform this task very effectively.

8 November 2021

3 Common Bite Problems and How Orthodontics Can Fix Them

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Your bite (also known as your dental occlusion) is the way in which your top and bottom teeth fit together and work together when eating, talking and sleeping. Unfortunately, it's relatively common to have a misaligned bite, and when you do, it can cause a lot of problems in your daily life — as well as a lack of confidence. Thankfully, it's not difficult to correct your bite with orthodontic treatment like braces, which move your teeth into their proper positions for the best possible results.

22 September 2021

3 Clear Indications That You Need to Book an Appointment with a Reputable Dentist Immediately

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In an accident, you may injure your mouth and teeth. In that case, you require emergency dental treatment. Similarly, you could have a dental problem that has developed over time that seems insignificant. However, no matter how minor an issue might look, it can lead to devastating consequences if it is not treated in good time. Therefore, it is advisable to seek immediate treatment for any dental problem. This article looks at three obvious indications that it is time to visit an emergency dentist.

11 August 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Braces in Adulthood

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A lot of people get braces when they are teenagers to correct the alignment of their teeth and create a straighter smile. Braces are so much a rite of passage of adolescence that some people don't even realise that you can get them as an adult. If you have never been happy with your smile, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting braces in adulthood. Lots of Adults Have Braces

8 July 2021

Different Situations When Emergency Dental Services Might Be Needed

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Traditional family dental offices stay busy all the time because people always need dental cleanings and dental care. However, other types of dental offices can be surprisingly busy, too:  emergency dental offices. In fact, there are many different situations in which people rely on these dental offices, such as in the situations below. When Dealing With a Sports Injury Even though many people wear mouth guards and other forms of protection when playing sports, it is still surprisingly common for athletes to get hurt while playing sports and to find that their teeth have been affected.

24 May 2021

4 Instances When You Can Benefit From Using a Custom Mouthguard

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Most people know that a mouthguard is a necessary piece of equipment for playing contact sports like rugby or Australian rules football. Mouthguards prevent costly dental injuries. But there is a big difference in the quality of protection provided by a custom mouthguard and a store-bought mouthguard. Custom mouthguards, created by dentists, are a much better option. If you are considering your mouthguard options at this time, then here are just some of the ways that a custom mouthguard can protect your and your teeth.

9 April 2021

Restoring Your Smile After Crystal Meth Addiction: What You Need to Know

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Crystal methamphetamine, generally just referred to as crystal meth or ice, is fairly prevalent in Australia. In fact, it has been suggested that Australia has one of the highest rates of crystal meth usage in the world. It's an illicit drug that is highly addictive and is disastrous to a person's physical and mental health. If you are in the process of breaking your addiction, you may find yourself attempting to undo the physical damage caused by the drug, and your dental health will need to be addressed.

24 February 2021