4 Injuries You Can Avoid By Wearing a Custom-Made Sports Mouthguard

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When you take part in sports, you run the risk of injury. This is true whether you play contact sports like rugby or non-contact sports like tennis. And one area of your body that is especially vulnerable to injury is your head. A fall or collision can send you straight to the hospital or dentist for urgent medical or dental care.

A sports mouthguard can protect you from some of the injuries you might suffer to your head, neck and mouth.

1. Concussion

Concussion is one of the most common sports injuries. If a blow to the head leaves you with a concussion, not only will your game be over, but you could also suffer side effects like headaches and poor concentration.

A custom-made mouthguard fits snugly over your upper teeth while you play or take part in sports. If you receive a blow to the head, the mouthguard will absorb some of the force. This could be enough to prevent a concussion.

2. Neck Injuries

Sports mouthguards also help to stabilize your head and neck. This is especially important if you play contact sports like rugby or hockey because the risk of collision is high. With a custom-made mouthguard, your head and neck will move less during a collision. Because of that, you're less likely to suffer a neck injury while wearing a mouthguard.

3. Tooth Injuries

Your teeth also need protection. If you lose a tooth during sports, replacing that tooth will be difficult, especially if the tooth falls onto the playing surface. And a lost tooth will either mean expensive dental treatment to replace the lost tooth or a life spent with a gap in your smile.

A sports mouthguard will help to prevent your teeth from suffering damage during sports. And if you have expensive dental work such as veneers or braces, you can wear a sports mouthguard to provide protection.

4. Lip and Gum Injuries

Your lips and gums are also at risk when you play sports. Collisions and falls can cause cuts and abrasions. But because a mouthguard helps to absorb the force of incoming blows, you'll be much less likely to suffer cuts and abrasions while wearing one.

If you plan to purchase a mouthguard to protect your teeth during sports games and events, consider purchasing one from your dentist. Custom-made sports mouthguards are more effective and longer lasting than mouthguards sold in sports stores and pharmacies.


16 June 2020

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