Tips for Readying Your Child for Their First Trip to the Dentist

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A child's first step, first words and first bite of solid food are all exciting firsts for any parent. However, some firsts might not be as exciting to the child even though they are still critical to their health. An excellent example is the first trip to the dentist. If your child is ill-prepared for this visit, then they will find the trip to the dentist uncomfortable. Read on for insightful tips on how to ready your child for their first trip to the dentist.  

Start Dentist Visits Early -- A common mistake that many new parents make is waiting too long before they take their child to the dentist. This is an unhelpful approach because children become more aware of new environments as they grow. Therefore, if you wait until your child hits five years old for their first trip to the general dentist, they will more than likely find it uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb is to make the first appointment with your dentist when your child is one year old, or at least six months after their first tooth comes out. Starting early allows your child to grow into the dental clinic environment. This also means that the dentist can identify oral issues and administer corrective measures early on in your child's life, thus increasing chances of success.

Leave the Child's Siblings at Home -- Siblings are a common sight in most dental clinics even when it is only one child who's visiting the dentist. Some parents believe that siblings can be a good source of motivation and can, therefore, eliminate anxiety. However, if you want your child's first appointment with a general dentist to go smoothly, then you should probably leave other siblings at home. If you bring them along, it's possible that your child will not understand why their siblings have to remain in the waiting room while they go into the dentist's office alone. By leaving the child's siblings at home, you reduce the sources of distraction, thus improving your child's first experience at the dental clinic.

Choose a Friendly Dental Clinic -- Dental clinics vary from one to the next, and that means that you must find one that aligns with your child. Ideally, your objective is to select a general physician who understands how to work with kids. For instance, your child will likely be more comfortable with a dentist who first builds a relationship before conducting any dental procedure.

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4 November 2019

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