Why You Had Better Opt For An In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

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In this day and age when many people want good facial looks, teeth whitening has become one of the most sought after cosmetic dental procedures because it promises to deliver a brighter, whiter smile at an affordable cost.

If you want to whiten your discolored teeth, it is advisable to have the procedure done at the dental office instead of at home using over-the-counter kits. Here is a number of good reasons to explain why you need to do so.

Get safe and comfortable treatment

When it comes to teeth whitening, dental products available for all and sundry may not necessarily be fit for you. Several over-the-counter teeth whitening trays and strips are easily accessible commercially as one-size-for-all products. However, in the practical world, the over-the-counter treatments are not a perfect fit for all patients, as each patient has a different dental structure. This explains why many patients end up experiencing tooth sensitivity, painful gums, among other undesirable dental problems after applying over-the-counter treatments at home.

When you visit a professional dentist to have your teeth whitened, rest assured that such issues will be avoided. When applying whitening gel on your teeth, for example, the dentist will use a customized tray made according to the impressions of your teeth. With these trays, you can be sure of a uniform application of the whitening gel on your teeth, and this will prevent the gel from coming into contact with other parts of your mouth, e.g. the lips and gums. And, in case an issue does crop up, the dentist will know exactly what to do to treat the problem.

Boost your chances of attaining a satisfactory outcome

Another big advantage of having your teeth whitened at the dental office is that your cosmetic dentist can provide you with access to the latest teeth whitening technologies available, something that is rarely possible with home-based treatments. Even if the at-home treatments are administered the right way, they can never match the high-quality, consistent results that can be achieved using cutting-edge procedures like laser teeth whitening.

With the power of a laser, your dentist can easily work on all parts of your teeth, including the hard-to-reach backs of some teeth that you might not be able to brighten using over-the-counter treatments. Therefore, you stand a greater chance of achieving pleasant results with in-office teeth whitening than with at-home treatment using commercially sold dental products.                                 


29 August 2016

Dental Care and Seniors: Helping to Maintain Your Smile

As you age, it can become harder to take care of your teeth. Motor challenges can make it hard to floss, while memory issues may make it easy to overlook brushing. Whether you are a senior looking for solutions to some of the common dental problems or a senior with specific questions about cavities or oral surgery, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to touch on a range of topics related to seniors and oral health. This is the type of resource I wish my mum would have had access to in her senior years, and I hope you enjoy having access to it during yours. I appreciate you reading my posts.