Can Kids Replace Missing Teeth With Dentures?

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If your child has lost a tooth in an accident or doesn't have a tooth growing into a gap, you may be wondering how to fill the empty space. While false teeth are often used to fill gaps, this isn't always the best solution for kids, and your dentist may not agree to use a denture. What are the factors that dictate whether dentures are suitable for kids or not?

Lost Baby Teeth

If your child loses a baby tooth, there is usually another tooth waiting behind it to come through. While this permanent tooth may not come through immediately if the baby tooth comes out sooner than expected, the permanent tooth will eventually fill the gap.

For this reason, your dentist will typically advise against fitting a denture to fill a gap left by a baby tooth. Dentists also don't usually want to mess with this gap – if you try to replace a lost baby tooth with a false tooth, you may affect the development and eruption of the adult tooth underneath it.

Tip; While your dentist may not want to fill a baby tooth gap with a false tooth, you may be advised to have a space maintainer put in the gap if your dentist thinks that the gap needs some help to stay open and ready for the permanent tooth to come through.

Lost or Missing Permanent Teeth

If your child loses a permanent tooth, then there is no backup tooth waiting to fill the gap. In some cases, kids can have a gap due to a missing adult tooth that doesn't grow in the gum at all. In either case, your dentist is likely to want to fill this gap and may suggest a denture as an option.

You may find that your dentist suggests a denture as a temporary solution for these kinds of gaps until your child is older and can choose a more permanent solution. For example, missing teeth can often be effectively and permanently replaced with dental implants; however, implants aren't used on children until their jaws have finished developing. Depending on the gender and developmental speed of your child, this could mean waiting until your child is between 13-18 years old.

As well as dentures and implants, bridges may also be a viable solution for some gaps. If you aren't sure of the best way to fill the gap in a child's teeth, ask your dentist for advice.


22 June 2016

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