4 rules for teeth whitening

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If you are looking to have a bright, white smile, there are some things to think about first. While your goal might be to have that Hollywood smile everyone wants, don't put your oral health in jeopardy because of it. Follow these rules for whitening your teeth.

Don't Overdo It

It is important that regardless what teeth whitening method you decide to use, you only use it as recommended. If you get custom trays from your dentist, and the dentist says to not exceed daily use for more than a week, follow those instructions. This is not just a recommendation, but a warning. You could do damage to your tooth enamel or gums if you use harsh teeth whitening gel for long periods of time, especially when going against what your dentist has advised. The same can be said for following limitations included with home whitening kits.

Get Dental Work Done Beforehand

It is also highly recommended that you not do any type of teeth whitening until important dental work has been done first. If your teeth are overly sensitive due to tooth decay, cavities, or infections, the whitening could be extremely painful. You have a better chance at reducing side effects and preventing tooth pain from whitening procedures if you see your dentist first. Have cavities filled, teeth cleaned, and go through a full dental exam prior to getting your teeth bleached.

Let Your Dentist Know About Side Effects

While teeth whitening is a simple procedure that is safe for most people, you should be aware of some minor side effects. This might include having some tooth sensitivity following the procedure, enamel that is a little more sensitive, or gums that are sore due to wearing the trays. While short-term side effects are not usually a problem, if they persist for long periods of time, stop using the products and inform your dentist. They might need to perform an examination and figure out why you are still having discomfort following the teeth whitening procedure.

Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

While some home kits may be effective, it is best that the entire teeth whitening procedure is overseen by a dentist. This allows them to examine your gums and teeth beforehand, discuss your options, and observe the whitening process. There tend to be less negative side effects and longer-lasting results when you choose professional teeth whitening. You also have options available, including custom tray whitening systems and laser whitening done in the dentist's office.


19 February 2016

Dental Care and Seniors: Helping to Maintain Your Smile

As you age, it can become harder to take care of your teeth. Motor challenges can make it hard to floss, while memory issues may make it easy to overlook brushing. Whether you are a senior looking for solutions to some of the common dental problems or a senior with specific questions about cavities or oral surgery, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to touch on a range of topics related to seniors and oral health. This is the type of resource I wish my mum would have had access to in her senior years, and I hope you enjoy having access to it during yours. I appreciate you reading my posts.