Benefits of Opting for Dental Braces

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Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in the art of bringing misaligned, crowded and crooked teeth and malformed jaws into a favorable position with the face. Patients wear braces on their teeth for a couple of reasons. These include enhancing appearance, function and overall oral health as further expounded below.

Boost Your Appearance

A set of well-arranged teeth and deformity-free jaws is what many people need to smile with confidence. However, not everyone is blessed with these oral features; some people suffer from the problem of misaligned teeth, deformed jaws, or both. This category of patients usually find it hard to smile because of their unpleasant facial appearance.

Dental braces can significantly improve the facial aesthetics of a patient. This is because these dental appliances are designed to straighten misaligned teeth and treat malformed jaws, boosting the facial profile of the patient. For teenager and adults who are most often concerned about their appearance during the treatment process, lingual braces are an ideal option. These permanent braces are normally fitted at the back of the teeth and not the front. This makes them truly invisible as the patient can feel at ease smiling confidently throughout treatment.

Obtain a Healthy Bite

Teeth are essential parts of the dental system because they help people to bite and chew food before swallowing it. Sadly, not everybody is able to eat comfortably. For best results, treatment to improve the function of teeth should be initiated from the early ages of childhood. This is because early treatment using dental braces allows an orthodontist to correct a myriad of dental issues including jaw deformities, crowded teeth and crooked teeth, which  will leave your child with a healthy bite.

Adults and teens can also get an improved bite by wearing dental braces, even though the results might not be as good as that achieved by children because adults and teens may have fully grown teeth and mature jaws, which may be a bit more difficult to treat.

Improve Your Overall Oral Health

Having an improved smile and a better-functioning teeth can lead to an overall improvement in your oral health. Every time you smile, you allow your gums to relax and mouth to breathe. With a healthy bite, your teeth and mouth won't be able to harbor food substances that may lead to cavities and tooth infections.

By recommending a bracing system that will best suit your lifestyle and eating habits, an orthodontist will ensure that you can avoid dental complications in the years ahead. For example, by using braces to create more space for the growth of teeth, an orthodontist can save your children the dismay of tooth extractions in the later stages of their lives, due to crowded teeth.


19 January 2016

Dental Care and Seniors: Helping to Maintain Your Smile

As you age, it can become harder to take care of your teeth. Motor challenges can make it hard to floss, while memory issues may make it easy to overlook brushing. Whether you are a senior looking for solutions to some of the common dental problems or a senior with specific questions about cavities or oral surgery, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to touch on a range of topics related to seniors and oral health. This is the type of resource I wish my mum would have had access to in her senior years, and I hope you enjoy having access to it during yours. I appreciate you reading my posts.