Tips To Ensure Durability With Your Implants

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Dental implants are meant to last. They are resistant to your daily routine and do not experience any wear or tear. However, these implants require maintenance just like teeth to keep them at their optimum conditions, and leaving them unattended can lead to their ruin. Here are some maintenance tips once you have performed such a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Thorough cleaning

Dental implants can suffer the same fate as your regular teeth and can be affected by the same kinds of diseases that affect the natural teeth. This means that the implants need constant cleaning each day to get rid of any accumulating plaque and to remove any bacteria that may be present in the micro spaces between them and the gum.

Avoid stress on the implants

These dental implants are susceptible to stress forces, and there are a number of activities you should avoid. Things like extreme biting, punching on the mouth or nighttime clenching can be a form of stress that may weaken the implant. An accident can also break the implant bone bond in your mouth, which loosens the tooth and can cause it to be easily knocked out.

Proper care of your teeth

Having proper teeth practices will get your implants lasting longer and even protect your natural teeth. You should strive to visit the dentist frequently, at least once every six months and have your oral hygiene checked. Also avoid practices like smoking and drug abuse that increase chances of developing gum disease and other teeth complications.

Healthy lifestyle

Aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if you've got conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Such conditions, when not properly managed, can slow down the healing process after acquiring your implant and further increase risks for other tooth diseases or even lead to the loss of the implants. Take healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables that have vitamins that can kill some bacterial and reduce the formation of plaque.

Visit a professional

The dental implant should be implanted by a reputable surgeon who can assess the conditions of the mouth and spot any conditions that may arise. A professional would also assist in detecting any complications that may come up after the implant and give you the best techniques of dealing with the issue before it worsens.

A dental implant is fused with the bone underlying the gum and functions just like a real tooth, and maintaining it means keeping that connection between the implant and bone strong. For more information, contact a business such as Longano Bruno V. Dr.


17 February 2015

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