Four Ways Your Dentist Can Make Over Your Smile

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Trying to reinvent yourself and give your look a complete makeover may include your smile. In fact, you likely have the same issues that others do with their smile. You have discolouring, gaps or crooked teeth that just don't live up to the smile that you want. If you are looking for a way to makeover your smile and give you those perfect pearly whites you've always wanted, consider the ways that your dentist can help.

Laser Dentistry Options

Laser dentistry is an option that many dental patients are not familiar with. The most common laser procedures to help your smile are laser gum surgery and laser fillings. The benefit to these laser options is the reduction in the use of needles, pain killers and drilling. These options are ideal for your smile if you have silver or gold fillings that are being replaced with white resin or if you have extensive gum work that needs to be done to clear up your smile.

Porcelain Fillings

Many dental patients find themselves with cavities that have been filled with silver or gold over the years. Though this can help with the underlying issue of the cavity, it doesn't give a very uniform or pleasant look to your smile. Porcelain fillings are a way that dentists are fixing their patients smiles and giving them a uniform white appearance. In this procedure, your original fillings are either removed or covered over with the porcelain finish.

Professional Whitening

If your only issue with your smile is discolouration, then professional dental whitening may be an ideal option for your smile makeover. The benefit of having your dentist handle your whitening is that you know you aren't getting too much of the peroxide or chemical on your teeth, which is a risk with over the counter methods. This means that you don't risk chemical burns or a high rate of sensitivity after the treatments.

Veneers and Crowns

One way that patients are finding to have their smile made over is through veneers and crowns. You may have heard of these options before, but you may not know what they mean. A veneer is a shell that is bonded over your teeth to give the shape and appearance of a straight, natural and white smile. Crowns cover one tooth at a time instead of a full smile. If you have a particular bad tooth, rather than a full smile, a crown may be an option.

If you really want to have your smile made over to become the smile you've always wanted, contact your dentist today. They can provide a consultation and give you advice on the best options available for you.

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20 January 2015

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